Best Cars For Golfers

img4Are you a golfer and need a new car? You’ve come to the right place. Today we have some recommendations for cars best suited for the avid golfer. While there are many SUVs out there that are able to stow and carry all your gear going to the golf course, there are also sedans that are equal to the challenge. The brands we mentioned are relatively affordable for many golfers because unfortunately for us we all cannot afford exotic cars such as the Mclaren driven by Tiger Woods or the Ferraris that Ian Poulter owns, even if we live in rich cities like Calgary or car-loving Montreal.


The Ford Taurus has some of the biggest trunks out there for sedans. It has 20 cubic feet of trunk space this is highly significant especially if compared the Lincoln’s MKS which only has 18.7 cubic feet. The extra space can come in handy especially when you’re playing Tetris with golf bags and other gear.


If you want lots and lots of space, max it out with the Ford Expedition EL. This SUV has 42.6 cubic feet of trunk space, perfect for golfers who over pack. Aside from bringing your gear safely to your destination, it can also carry large families or friends who are off to a weekend golfing retreat. The Chevrolet Suburban is not far behind with 38.9 cubic feet of space.

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Minivans are uncool and for many golfers the cars their wives drive to get the kids to school. But minivans provide some of the best value for money for cars. The Dodge Grand Caravan for example will make sense for many golfers. It is a good car to have for year-round storage, comfort and safety. It is a favorite among many golfers because it can easily seat 4 golfers and stow all their gear for the next golfing road trip. The Toyota Sienna is also worth the mention with 150 cubic feet to stow your gear along with the dependable Toyota badge.


Hatchbacks are cool and stylish cars to own. For golfers the Volkswagen Golf (what a coincidence) is a good choice for golfers. It has 22.8 cubic feet of trunk space which is bigger than the Honda CRZ. The Honda Fit however is another mention-worthy hatchback with 57.3 cubic feet of space with the back seats down.

Luxury Cars

There are many golfers who can afford exotic cars and for this group of people the 2015 Ferrari FF is a good choice. For many golfers it looks impractical because it should be somewhere else looking pretty and impressive. However its maximum 28.3 cubic feet of space can accommodate a single golfer’s gear easily. For something green, practical and more affordable the Tesla Model S has 63 cubic feet of space for your golf clubs and gear.

Best Equipment For Golf Fitness

For some players golf is mainly a mental game. While this is true, golf also involves a lot of physical strength. Golfers need to walk a lot and carry their golf clubs and bags. This means they have to be in top condition not only to play well but also have stamina to keep on playing. If you’re a golfer you’ve come to the right place. The high end exercise equipment mentioned below will help improve your fitness and perhaps your golf game. Check these out.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

These are the classics. You can’t go wrong when you buy this piece of equipment. They are easy to use and can provide steady gains when it comes to boosting strength and physical fitness. They are also very versatile and can be used in many ways. For best results and to increase value for money get an adjustable dumbbell. They can be adjusted to your liking so you can go heavier or lighter as needed.

Suspension Trainer

Golfers need endurance and stamina to stay in a game especially those long 18 course ones. Train your body to become stronger with a suspension trainer. With this exercise equipment you only need the weight of your body to become stronger. It can also help strengthen your core as you perform different kinds of exercises. Best of all it is portable and easy to use.

Posture Training Aids

When it comes to golf, posture is very important. The right stance can mean the difference between making a shot and missing it. A posture trainer can help you move well as you swing. It can also help you practice the proper posture and positioning for swinging your club. This device will help you achieve proper posture and quality rotation.

Power Bands

Like the suspension trainer these are portable, durable and inexpensive equipment to help golfers with their strength. These are great tools because it helps you to support and encourage muscles and joints into positions they wouldn’t be capable of and leverage key golf areas such as the shoulders, mid and upper back and the hips.

Best Exercise For Golfers

Soft Sand

When you are a golfer you use your trunk muscles a lot. While many golfers like to use ankle and wrist stabilizers to help them with their balance; playing, jumping or even running in soft sand is better. When you do this in soft sand you will need a lot of balance to stabilize your position often. This means you will be relying more on your core, hamstring, butt and shoulder muscle for balance. Sand therefore can help you strengthen these key areas.

How Professional Golfers Can Relax

Professional golf can be stressful. Sure, the money is great and the sport exciting but for professional golfers who are constantly on tour and need to be on top of their game, stress levels can be heightened. One of the best ways to get rid of stress is to find ways to relax and keep the golf course out of sight. Many golfers are considered as high rollers thanks mainly to the prizes they earn during tournaments. The winner of the Masters in Augusta for example can earn anywhere from $800,000 to more than $1 million. Here are some cool ways professional players can chill.


Taking a much needed vacation is a common way to blow off steam. Some of the most favorite vacation spots for golfers include beaches in the Caribbean, wine resorts in Napa Valley or Tuscany or maybe they can rent private islands for some guaranteed privacy and time off. Tiger Woods for example, took an extended vacation to the Bahamas after his devastating loss in the 2015 Masters. We all know that despite the loss, Tiger can afford it.

Spending Time on Yachts

Golfers who do not own yachts (yet) can rent one. There are many yacht rental companies in the world and usually the more expensive the better the service. One of the advantages of owning a yacht is less maintenance expense on the part of the owner. Marina fees, crew salary and other expenses can pile up so leasing one is a good option.

Of course for golfers who have a lot of cash to spend owning a yacht is a must. Greg Norman’s yacht aptly named “Aussie Rules” is gigantic. It is 228 feet in length and is the world’s largest aluminum and composite private yacht. It only cost him $70 million dollars.

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Exotic Cars

Golfers also have the need for speed. Much has been written about golfers and their cool rides. Ian Poulter for instance has a stable full of Ferraris and other exotic brands. Rory Mcilroy bought a $2 million limited edition Bugatti Veyron. It is so exclusive, Bugatti only made 5.

The sad thing about owning these exotic cars is that they won’t be able to bring it with them during vacations. But like the yachts, there are a lot of exotic car rental agents around the world. Imagine professional golfers renting exotic cars in places like Calgary, Montreal or Edmonton. Driving exotic cars would be a cool and great way to see these cities.


Even professional golfers need to shop for clothing in order to look dapper and cool when the cameras are on them. Plus, seeing them out of their golf attire is an amazing change. Rickie Fowler for example is known for his wacky sense of clothing style when on the golf course and the change is amazing when he wears a suit. Of course we don’t really expect these guys to hit just any department store for their designer duds, so you would probably see them when you shop in Savile Row where bespoke suits start at around £4,000.

Golf Pros and Their Exotic Cars

Not even the pros are driving balls down the fairway all of the time. Golfers go for other types of drives too, and often in some of the coolest cars on the road. If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite golfer is cruising the highway in, take a look at what we found:

Take 2013 PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner for example. Professional golfing has certainly improved his ride. During college he made it to the green in a mid-eighties Toyota Corolla, and now cruises in a customized Dodge Challenger. That’s quite a big step up, but he is a millionaire after all.

Then you have Rory Mcllroy’s customized exotic car. Not even an exotic car rental in Edmonton (YEG) can get their hands on his Bugatti Veyron, priced at just about $2 million. This sporty auto is a part of his personal collection, but when out in the world, exotic car companies like BMW have no trouble loaning out their best models for his stay in town.

The former Cadillac Escalade is likely the most famous car in golf history, having hit a fire hydrant and tree before be pummeled with a set of golf clubs by Tiger Wood’s ex-wife. Now the most famous golfer in the world tries to keep it low key, driving around in a luxurious Mercedes-Benz S65AMG.

Top ranked golfer Luke Donald has had a thing for BMW for years, starting back when he hit the PGA tour for the first time with a BMW 3 Series Coupe. Canadian golf pro Kris Banks is a bit more flashy, having modified a Nissan GT-R to suit his crazy style. And of course then there is Bubba Watson, who made the golfing world smile when he bought the Dukes of Hazzard’s original orange “General Lee”. This iconic symbol of rebellion and the south cost the golfer $110,000 to secure.

In 2013 Hunter Mahan made golfing world headlines when he auctioned his 2004 GMC Yukon SLT on eBay. Having spent at least $200,000 customizing the exotic car, it was a surprise when he stopped the bidding at $22,988.


But by far, Ian Poulter is the biggest exotic car lover of the golfing bunch. For starters is a collection of Ferraris, including a black 458 Spyder. Then there is the F 12berlinetta and 458 Italia to get him to the green, that is when he feels like going without his clubs.

You can try taking up golf now to earn enough for an exotic beauty of your own, or you can just feel like a pro by renting an exotic car for the day. Golfers have exquisite taste, so if you are torn on which wheels to get behind, just follow their lead.


A Look at the History of Thomas Bjorn in Golf

Thomas Bjorn, or The Great Dane as he is known in some circles is a Denmark born golfer who has been making a big name for himself in the European golf circuit since 1993. The most successful Dane in professional golf, having won a total of 15 tournaments as well as being the first from that nation to qualify for a European Ryder Cup team. His career has been long and full of ups and downs, making it worth taking a close look at.

Born in 1971, Bjorn won four tournaments during the 1995 Challenge Tour, earning him his card for his first time on the European Tour in 1996. He immediately made a name for himself by winning his first tour title in his debut season at the Loch Lomond World Invitational. This made him the first ever Danish golfer to win a tournament on the European Tour. That season he finished tenth on the Order of Merit. The next season was also steady, with top ten finishes but no win.

He started off the 1998 season with a bang, taking the Heineken Classic in Perth Australia for his second European Tour title. He won a second time that year at the Peugot Open in Spain, helping him to finish 6th on the Order of Merit for that year.

Overall, Bjorn has finished in the top ten on the Order of Merit a total of 8 times, his best being 5th place in 2000. He has also come close to winning the Open Championship in 2003, but with only four holes left to play, landed in a slump that cost him the victory. Overall his career has been a successful one, with the Thomas Bjorn Open in Denmark now a part of the European Tour.

Thomas Bjorn Personal Life

AKRON, OH - JULY 30: during a practice round for the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club South Course on July 30, 2014 in Akron, Ohio. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

AKRON, OH – JULY 30: during a practice round for the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club South Course on July 30, 2014 in Akron, Ohio. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

In 1998, Thomas Bjorn married his wife Pernilla. They have three children together, Filippa and twins Julia and Oliver. Now living in Gothenburg, Sweden Bjorn the 44 year old Bjorn is still a major player in the European golf world. He is not your typical member of the European Tour, often seen on the green in a full beard and mustache. Still, always a professional, he wears his beard well, keeping it neat and clean with a heavy lathering of beard balm.

The European Tours are an important part of global golf, and Thomas Bjorn has been an integral part of it for almost 20 years. With his steady hand and thirst for victory, he has always performed with winning grace and style.

Golfers Who Take No Shave November to Heart

No shave November is just around the corner, and we thought we’d take this time to remind our readers to participate in a good cause. If you need some inspiration to throw out your shaving cream and disposable razors, we have picked some of the best facial hair in golf to help give you some ideas.

Gary McCord – Eccentric maybe, but Gary’s beard and moustache combo certainly turn heads on the green. His curled up white stache is in perfect balance with his itty bitty goatee on the chin. Something about the whole look makes you wish you were in Bavaria running around the hills to the sound of music.

David Feherty – David is the epitome of subtle sophistication in his beard and moustache duo. Keeping the whiskers close to the skin, he rounds out his entire mouth with grace, ending the look with a slight gray point on the end of his chin. This look takes a lot of practice with the beard trimmer to achieve, but the end result will be well worth the effort.

Ryan Moore – The first thing you think when you see Ryan is that he fits the All American athlete image to a tee (excuse the pun). With an unkempt head of curly brown hair, he chooses to go with the classic grizzly look for the beard and moustache, pulling off sideburns in the process. The only thing you have to remember with this beard style is the beard balm. Without it, you’ll likely be kicked off of any respectable golf course for unkemptness.

Jerry Kelly – Jerry is a serious golfer with a serious face full of facial hair. Like others he prefers to stick with the chin covering only, except he takes it a step further and keeps it all filled in. What really makes Jerry stand out however is the stark contrast between his white beard and brown moustache, maybe he has never heard of hair dye.

Padraig Harrington – The Irish golfer likes to kick things up a notch for November by wearing the moustache and beard like a perfect square without the bottom. Padraig’s look may be original, but it is also one worth giving a try if you want to practice at your beard trimming abilities.

Alvaro Quiros – Alvaro takes dark and mysterious to a whole new level with a full beard and moustache practically covering his entire face. Cropped close for comfort, this golfer from Spain makes golfing look like a model sport.


Get your beard on this November and join the dozens of pros who are involved in the cause. With the right beard trimming tips, you could just find that this is a look that you should have adopted years ago.

Have You Tried Your Hand at Archery Golf?

With Summer right around the corner, it is probable that you have already made it to the green at least a half dozen times, and the challenge is already wearing off. Archery golf offers a different type of challenge, under the same premise as regular golf. Trade in your nine irons for a high quality recurve bow, and your balls for some arrows, and get ready to experience a whole new way to play golf.

The idea behind archery golf is to set up various target pucks at different distances. Just like golf, there will be natural obstacles to get in your way and you keep count of how many shots it takes to make the target.

What is Needed for Archery Golf

In order to enjoy this sport fully, you are going to need a large open area with space for at least nine distinct targets. You can increase or decrease that number depending on the size of the available space. Players then stand at the assigned starting position and take their best shot with their recurve bow. Wherever the arrow lands is the spot where they will stand to make their next shot. Since this is not an “official” sport, you can adjust the rules to suit your playing grounds and the skill level of you and your opponents.

Choosing the Right Recurve Bow and Arrows for Beginners

Unless you are already skilled at archery, it is likely that you have never held a bow before. Check out some review sites like and find the recurve bow that is getting the most positive feedback. You will then need to visit a sporting goods store and try some out to make sure that it is the right size. They will also be able to help you in choosing your arrows for the sport.



Before getting a group together for a game of archery golf, visit a local range and get some tips and advice from a pro. They will be able to show you how to stand properly, the right way to hold your recurve bow, and how to set the arrow off into flight. There is just as much skill involved in archery as there is in golf, and you are going to want to get some practice first before you start setting up a complicated range.

We are always looking for new ways to be challenged, and archery golf is a good way to start. This combines the fine art of archery with the complexity of golf to create a unique game that offers exciting challenges.

How to Get Your Golf Fix While Vacationing With the Family – 3 Campgrounds Next to Great Courses

Summer is upon us, and the family is itching for a vacation while you are itching to wrap your hand around your nine iron. Finding a way to get your golfing fix, while the rest of the family feels like the vacation is about them is not easy, but it is do able. Some take to Vegas, which has a ton of stuff now for families and kids, and some of the best golf courses in the world. But if you are hitting your balls on a budget, there are 3 campgrounds that are so close to 9 holes that you can hear the balls as they drop inside.

Utah – The Wasatch Mountain State Park boasts one of the best camp grounds in the Midwest and a Golf Digest awarded golf course. You can camp in an RV or set up your big Coleman tent at any one of the 122 separate campsites. Nearby are modern bathrooms with showers and a challenging golf course. There are two courses to choose from, plus instruction classes if the kids want to get involved to. The rates are reasonable at less than $40 for 18 holes and clubhouse access.

Texas – The golf course inside of Texas’ Lockhart State Park is a relaxing 9 holes inside of a lush setting. There are large lakes to work around, giving even the seasoned golfer an interesting challenge. The camp site is equally as interesting with miles of hiking trails, swimming pool and campsites with full hook ups. You can park your RV or search online at review sites and really give your family an adventure by firing up your butane cook top. Days with your irons and nights roasting s’mores is a perfect way to idle away your vacation.

golfingGeorgia – At Brazell’s Creek you can purchase a golfing package for only $40 per night per person. This gives you exclusive access to their 18 hole golf course complete with range balls and a cart to get you around. The campsite is full of activities for the family, including swimming and fishing in the creek, extensive trails to hike on and a recreation center in the middle of the grounds.  If you want to upgrade from the tent, they also boast cozy cottages which range in price from $130 to $150 per night.

You have plenty of options when it comes to picking a vacation that both you and the family will enjoy. If camping is something that you all enjoy, go ahead and pack your golf bag next to your tent and head out to one of these locations.

Finding the Right Golf Clubs for You

After following the beginner’s steps to playing golf and you have mastered the skills, the etiquettes, and the rules of the game, you are now ready to buy the right golf club that will serve you in the long run. Ponder first on what kind is suitable for you. We will help you start with that with the following tips we are going to share:

Pick your level as a golfer. Rate your skills and capabilities. Once you determine your skill level, you will be able to find a suitable golf club for you that will further enhance your performance. It is important that it suits you perfectly; otherwise, you will only be giving yourself a hard time.

Consider a good driver. The better one would be shorter instead of longer, and closed instead of neutral. This is because when your driver has a longer shaft, it makes it harder to hit squarely. Take it from the pros – shorter ones will make you slice it efficiently.

Make your 3-wood your ‘driver’. If you hit your 3-wood just as far as your driver, then you do not have enough loft on the driver. Instead of using the traditional driver, find a 3-, 5-, or 7- wood combination and ready three clubs that will help you. There is a definite change in that seeing that most golfers could drop five strokes when using that technique.

Hybrids are separate from fairway woods. Do not confuse them. They can be confusing at times, but just remember: if your swing is steeper, then you are fit for the hybrids, otherwise, if your shots are clean off the turf, then you are better off with fairway woods.

Do not believe in one-size-fits-all golf clubs. Each golfer is unique with his own set of skills, they come in many sizes and shapes, using clubs at different lengths, weights, lie angles, and lofts. If a golf club is not fitted for you, it is either too short or too long, too heavy or too light. You will not be able to deliver your best shot. Your equipment will determine your performance. Even if you are the best golfer on earth or you make the most perfect swing, if the golf club is just not right, you will more likely have less control over that.

Ponder on your wedges by thinking about your home course. If your home course is small, elevated, and fast, then you would likely need plenty of loft for that. Is the turf firm? Consider something with a less bounce.

It does not matter what your putter looks like. Consider the 3 L’s. It doesn’t have to do with the looks of it. Instead, consider it using the three L’s – length, loft, and lie angle. If your putter has the wrong length or too much or too little loft, you will not really putt well.

Choose the right ball. One with a low spin off the driver and high spin off the wedge will probably be just right.  



Beginner’s Steps to Playing Golf

We all know we had to start somewhere, and if your goal is to learn how to play golf, there are certain steps you need to take to reach your desired skills in playing this sport. It takes determination and patience to play golf with proficiency. However, that is nothing hard to achieve if you are persistent in your goals. Follow these steps and you are sure to become a more advanced golf player soon enough.

If you really want to get serious very soon, take a golf lesson. Learn the basics such as stance, posture, grip, swing, and the entire sports rule through a PGA or golf professional. Make use of your lessons and have a one-on-one coaching session with your professional golf instructor. The only way you get to improve is to challenge yourself to beat those who are greater than you, which is, in this case, your instructor.

Borrow or buy a used set of golf club. Since you are still in the process of learning, it is better to pay a lesser amount first. Know more about what the kind of golf club set will suit you before buying your own. Just practice using these second-hand sets and buy your own golf club when you are proficient enough in this field.

Master the rules and etiquette of the game. Know how to properly play the game. If you want to be proficient, then you must carefully study the techniques, rules, proper attires, and everything else about the ins and outs of golfing. It pays to know the little details of this game as this will reflect how you bring yourself in the course. You may keep a copy of the official rules found at the USGA Website, and learn the ropes each day.

Watch the professionals play. Learn a thing or two from their own techniques and incorporate them into your own style. Watch as many games as you can and determine how they were able to win. After determining it, try to achieve the same thing each time you play, and see how you eventually improve.

Challenge yourself. Set a small goal first, like trying out in a 9-hole goal course first, then going up your way after that. Do not practice the same routine every day. Once you are able to accomplish one step, go to the next and master it. Always aim to improve!

Try going to a driving range before playing on the court. Practice your aim by playing at a driving range. This way, you can warm up and gauge yourself to be more confident in every shot. You will find out other factors affecting your strikes as well.

Read some golfing tips online. There are many sites filled with golfing tips you can follow which will help you improve your play. Learn from other’s experiences and know that it took hard work for them to reach where they are now. Just know how to research thoroughly and apply it when you are playing yourself.